What enlightenment does 618 Gree bring to our membrane structure industry by publicly reporting Oakes?

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618 promotion, Gree public report Oakes, is the air conditioning industry unfair competition or the air conditioning quality of the public? This event has yet to be concluded by the authorities, but for our membrane structure industry, it may bring us positive enlightenment.

As the application of membrane structure is becoming more and more popular, various membrane structure companies are springing up like mushrooms. For a while, various membrane structure companies are mixed. In terms of the overall situation of the whole industry, only competition and survival of the fittest can promote the healthy development of the industry. Many of the older generation of entrepreneurs decided to start their own businesses after years of immersion in the industry. They have a certain level of technical strength. But now, it has become the standard development mode for many new membrane structure companies to "pull up a construction team to meet the acquaintances at a low price first, and then to meet the large-scale projects when they are experienced".

In the membrane structure industry, price is always the key competitiveness of the project. Low price can cover all the disadvantages. How can we make it cheaper? The product materials are used a little more, the labor cost of novice is reduced a little, the management cost of low technical level is reduced a little, and then the quality quotation of 5 years is used to fake the quality assurance price of 15 years. A set of random punches is used to fight down, regardless of what industry you are, and kick you out of the game as well. "The price of your home is higher than that of other homes" is the reason for going out. The owners who do not know the profession will not believe your plea about quality, safety and after-sales, because they think that if you have, other homes will have it. In ancient times, "bad money drives out good money", corresponding to the current membrane structure industry, is that the low-cost poor membrane structure engineering displaces the normal price high-quality engineering.

Enterprises need reasonable profits to survive, and technological progress and innovation also need capital investment. When your business and profits are suddenly nibbled and squeezed by competitors' so-called "low price", what countermeasures should be taken? In the face of the attack of Oakes, Gree air conditioning chose to publicly report the quality of its competitors' products! Regardless of the impact of this report on the air conditioning industry, such an approach has set up a positive demonstration role for all industries including our membrane structure industry. Your product quality is a little bit poor, so the price is relatively low, but the product quality is publicized as good as ours. This is cheating consumers. I can't see it, so report it publicly!

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